There’s not much point in having a great-looking website that nobody can find.
Google and other search engines use complex ‘algorithms’ to help build a profile of your website – when someone searches for something, the search engine determines the relevance of your website based on that profile.
That’s why you might rank high, or low, for particular keywords. If you aren’t ranking for what you might expect, it’s because you aren’t ‘known’ for that thing.
Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting your ‘profile’ up to scratch. This is where I can help. I ask questions like:
  • Who is your website targeted at?
  • Are relevant sites linking to you?
  • Do people come to your website and stay there?
  • Does your written content accurately represent what you do, and what people might be searching for?
  • How is your website coded?
  • How can we improve your product metadata?
I employ honest, organic techniques to help build your online presence – working with, rather than against, Google’s algorithms to get you known for what you do.