My name is Eva.

I specialise in digital solutions for the publishing, arts, and creative industries.

I use my roots as a technologist to inform, enhance and adapt non-digital endeavours. For me, it’s about using technology to bring out the best in what already ‘is’.

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  • Cohesive

    I employ a ‘light-footed’ approach to digital development, taking your project from design to completion in simple and easy steps — creating inspired digital products that integrate seamlessly with your business and help bring out the best in your work.

    The websites I build are user-friendly and easy to maintain, so you can focus less on your website more on what you already do.

  • Purposeful

    Whether you’re an individual or small business, I build simple, intuitive and easy to navigate layouts that emphasise the most important aspects of what you do.

    Working from a ‘user-experience’ perspective, I deliver digital products that work and flow mindfully — engaging your audience and leaving them feeling inspired.

  • Human

    Technology brings people together. A good website helps you connect with people all over the world and share your work; a digital book allows you to publish stories and ideas that can potentially be seen and read by millions.

    I like to think that what I do allows humans to connect with other humans, share their ideas, and promote the things they’ve put their passion and work into.


My Work

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